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Press Release: CRMG Joins Forces with Spanish Law Firm in Cuba Practice Group

April 15, 2016 | Juan J. Rodriguez | News

Carey Rodriguez Milian, LLP is pleased to formally announce a strategic alliance with Spanish law firm Díaz-Bastien Abogados in CRMG's new Cuba Practice Group.

The two firms have a long history of cooperation, with a de facto partnership spanning over two decades. Now, as the process of US-Cuba normalization precipitates an opening of the Cuban economy, Carey Rodriguez and Díaz-Bastien are poised to provide an unparalleled level of legal counsel to US firms seeking to launch business ventures on the island.

Díaz-Bastien Abogados (DBA) has been representing the interests of European corporate clients in Cubafor over 20 years. Through this alliance, they bring to the Cuba Practice Group the kind of localized expertise that US law has impeded American firms from obtaining for over half a century.

"The idiosyncrasies of the Cuban political economy have made the island a very complicated place to do business," says principal DBA partner Mr. Luis Juega. "Foreign investment will have a huge role to play in the future development of the country, especially as the privatization of state-owned companies gets underway." 

DBA is ideally positioned to assist clients in navigating Cuba's transition to the market economy. The firm is one of few which has also had extensive experience representing corporate interests during mass privatizations in Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union, making the firm an invaluable asset to the Cuba Practice Group.

"Our strategic alliance with Díaz-Bastien brings to the table concrete experience with the transformation process that Cuba will have to undergo," said Carey Rodriguez Partner Juan J. Rodriguez. "That is what makes our Cuba Practice Group unique, allowing us to better serve clients in the future, whether they be US or European interests." 

More information about Díaz-Bastien Abogados can be found on the firm's website at

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