Carey Rodriguez Attorneys

Results Oriented, Goal Driven

Our Firm

We are known for handling high-stakes plaintiff and “bet the company” defense cases for corporations and individuals in a variety of practice areas across the United States and abroad, including nationwide class actions, reinsurance disputes, real property litigation, internal corporate disputes, and international banking controversies.

Our impressive record of successful outcomes, both in and out of court, speaks for itself.

Our lawyers, which include former federal law clerks and graduates from top-tier law schools, cut their teeth in some of the country’s most prestigious law firms and are respected among their peers, judges, and arbitrators as tenacious out-of-the-box problem solvers and forceful advocates.

While we know that most cases never see the inside of a courtroom, our lawyers bring to the table decades of experience trying complex commercial and intellectual property cases to verdict before juries, judges, and arbitration panels. Our goal is to maximize the prospect of a recovery for the client, whether through verdict or settlement, and to accomplish that goal we prepare for trial using innovative techniques to marshal the evidence and portray a compelling story that impacts the conscience of the trier of fact.

We are mindful of the financial quagmire created by the discovery process and we tailor our discovery methods to focus on the main issues instead of getting bogged down in meaningless discord. We employ state of the art software to analyze electronic discovery for the most useful packets of information without wasteful frolic.

The roadmap to our clients’ success is our wisdom and experience. We identify realistic goals and objectives at the outset of the engagement. We anticipate foreseeable obstacles. And we stay focused on our clients' goals by “driving to the hoop” at the outset of the case and always maintaining our winning focus.