Carey Rodriguez Attorneys

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Patent Litigation

Successful intellectual property litigation is at the heart of Carey Rodriguez LLP. Throughout our careers, we have gone to court to protect our clients' interests. We represent plaintiffs and defendants and are well-equipped to evaluate and assert intellectual property rights against infringers and to defend against claims of infringement. We combine a mastery of the law in these complex and rapidly evolving disciplines with a thorough understanding of the cutting-edge technologies and shifting business environments. Our Representative engagements include:

  • Patent enforcement litigation involving one of the largest and most valuable patent portfolios in the consumer electronics industry, resulting in broad claim construction of the patents, removal of the infringing product from the marketplace, and a very favorable royalty-bearing settlement on the first day of trial
  • Patent infringement defense in the telecommunications industry threatening our client's entire business resulting in invalidation of the asserted patents

Numerous summary judgments and pretrial settlements in our clients' favor